– Full Name: Lee Chae Rin

– Stage Name: CL

– English Name: Chae Lee / Faith Lee

– Position in 2NΞ1 : Leader / Rapper / Vocal

– Birth Date : February 26, 1991

– Height : 162cm (5′ 4″)

– Blood Type : A

– Religion : Catholic

– Hobbies : Coloring, Drawing, Writing Lyrics

– Favorite Colors : Black, White

– Ever since she was a kid, CL has been traveled to so many places because of her father’s job as a Professor of Physics ( no wonder she is so smart. like father like daughter :D )

– Professor of Physics is not only CL father’s job. Professor Lee Ki Jin (CL father’s name) is also an author of children book’s story.

– CL speaks in French, English, Korean and Japan. (Woah can you be our teacher for a day, Ms. CaeRin?? Kekeke~~)

– She used to be a JYP trainee and was shared a room with Wonder Girl’s So Hee. She’s really close with Ye Eun and So Hee. ( We know that CL, Ye Eun and So Hee are really amazing. Glad to know that they’re actually friends :) )

– She became a YG trainee in 2006 after she brought her own demo tape to YGE. She was actually to debut as a SOLO singer but then became the Leader of 2NΞ1. ( This is something you called: “A Destiny” :D )

– She appeard in Big Bang’s song “Intro (Hot Issue)” but unfortunately her name didn’t even credit in that song.. ( Only thing we know, you don’t have to read her name to be written. As soon as you hear she sings, you gotta say “Aaaah our CL!” Right?? Kekeke~~ )

– Her dreams is about to become an American Rapper just like rapper Lil Kim. ( We hope her dreams will be come true sooner or later! We love CL!! :) )

– In the radio interview, CL once told about she was wearing a uniform that actually for the boys!! ( OMO what happened?? Aaaaa cute! ) Keke~ don’t worry blackjacks, she did it just because her school doesn’t have pants for the girls.. ( Hmmm is a girl supposed to wearing a skirt?! No. CL is the only exception! :p )

– Her nickname in Japan is “Pig Rabbit”. ( Maybe because she is too cute so it was so hard to choose between a pig or rabbit. That animals is cute right? Keke~ )

– CL-roo is created to many slang words such as “Ahh Go Go Go!!!” And “oh My Gawdddd!!!” She often say it in 2NE1tv..

– She is a mother of Tam-Tam but Tam-Tam was adopted by Dara..

– She doesn’t know how to use a computer. But she knows how to use iTunes and knows how to search Teddy’s pictures on the internet.

– CL is a ‘Clean Freak’. She takes a responsibility in cleaning and organizing the whole and entire 2NΞ1′s dorm.. ( She’ll be a cool Mom and Wife :D )

– She is a translator between a local dancers and foreign dancers. She learnt a Hip-Hop dance from them.

– She could do another dances. Such as Jazz, and Ballet.

– She raised as a Roman Catholic

– If she had a chance, she’d like to live in Egypt, Africa and Greece.

– She is a Sleepy-Head. She ever did a ’20 hours of sleep’. ( She must be sooooo tired back then :p )

– She never cry in front of 2NΞ1′s members.. ( Our strong leader!! :D )

– She gave Teddy one of the Robot in 2NΞ1′s Can’t Nobody MV to put it in his room.

– She likes Americano (kind of Coffee)

– She wrote the Rap-Line in G-Dragon’s song “The Leaders” ( It’s leaders swagg BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D )

Well I think that’s all I can give to you :) Dara and Minzy fans……….. Just wait for my next article about your favorite!! See yaaaa later :D



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