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[PHOTO] Master Hwangssabu’s New Twitter DP is 2NE1!

CR: @Hwangssabu


[TWITTER] SAGOPA KAJMER (@Sagopakajmerrap): “We love 2NE1″

We love 2NE1 :) rum ta ta ta ta :) ”

Sagopa Kajmer is one of the most popular Turkish rappers. His style is “pessimistic rap”. In 1998, he started an underground rap foundation named Kuvvetmira, which remains active today with members such as Kolera, Abluka Alarm and himself. In 2006, Sagopa and his wife Kolera started a record company named Melankolia Records. Sagopa Kajmer was nominated for best Turkish hip-hop artist of 2008 in MTV EMA. Check out one of his songs below:

Source: Sagopa Kajmer’s Twitter
Translated and tip by: BadassMINJa (Thanks You!)
Reuploaded + additional information by: tazanya

[TWITTER] Master Hwangssabu Uploads a “Cool” Photo of 2NE1

Credits: Hwangssabu’s Twitter

Thanks: @WeLoveDara