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Confessions of Blackjacks on their 2NE1 fever! :D

Entry #1 – TESTIMONIAL (Elenna Lai)

Honestly, I just start to addicted with 2NE1 this middle of year, 2011. Before become their avid fans, I had listened their song before. I love it but I din’t know is them, and before that I was like “what the heck is kpop?” After I listened and watched their lonely MV, I started to concert about them. I search for all source that can know about them, I surfing on youtube, and finally I get a facebook link, which is Royal Ace Sub. This is a group who translated all their video to English subtitle. I’m freakin happy when I get know this link. And I was start watch their show, 2NE1tv Season1,2 and 3 like crazy! Other than that, I downloaded all their song music video and save in my laptop and also my phone 😀

2NE1 is the first music band or artist that I so avid in. My friends was actually shocked when I addicted with them and saying I’m such a crazy , LOL but who’s care?! I just like 2NE1 in my deep heart. Have you guys seems their personality? Wow, it is just awesome!

CL the cool and full responsibility leader who like drawing, writing lyrics. Bommie who like corn a lot! And she still owe us a bungee jump :p Dara who’s the one that very tough and funny . When she first saw Dadoong I was non-stop laughing, and it’s great now she’s ok with animals :p and also Minzy! Our maknae, ego dancer ever ❤ her dancing skills is just awesome for a 17 years old girl! Her sister, Dougie is also cute and lovely ^^

I’m still a student who can’t afford to buy their album and go for their concert. Is so sad when every time someone is posting a concert or live show about them and I can’t attend it L and also their album! I want to get it but it’s too hard since I am still studying and I donwan to add more burden for my parents. So I just keep wait for the day I graduate and meet our girls, 2NE1! I am so jealous also when everytime some of the website giving out 2NE1 album with their signature, I did join the contest but every time I can’t win it >< ouchhh..

Lastly, I’ll forever be a blackjacks and there with 2NE1, and also I’ll try my best to share whatever news of 2NE1 to everyone! I hope everyone will love our unique, cool and stylist girls ❤ That’s still a lot thing about them I haven’t speak out, too huge, and really from my deep heart.. I LOVE 2NE1! NOLZA!

Written By: Elenna Lai