All About Park Bom

Stage Name: Park Bom
Full Name: Lee Park Bom
English Name: Jenny Park (what a cool name!!)
Birth Date: March 24 1984
Height: 165cm (5′ 4”)
Blood Type: AB
Education: Lesley University majoring in Psychology but transferred to Berkley College Of Music
Religion: Christian
Favorite colors:  Green, Pink, Red
Position in 2NΞ1 : Lead Vocal.

And she also capable to speak in English, Japanese, and Korean
And able to play A piano, flute and Cello..

Park Bom is one of the 2NΞ1’s member, not just because she is known for her beautiful face, but she also has a very very beautiful voice.. (Duh! that’s just the beginning of her charms :p)

She’s so into R&B and hip hop genre.. And her favorite singers are Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey.. (Hmmm imagine that someday she would be on the same stage along with her idols :p)

[JUST READ] some facts about our lovely Bommie:

– before she came to YGE, she was decided to be a trainee in SME (but she was rejected. OMO our bommie T-T)

– She was rejected(again T-T) by YGE when she first come to YGE. But she didn’t lose for hope. In the 3rd year, she is  accepted as one of the YGE trainees..

– her 1st debut is about to start at MBC Award Music Core on November 25 2006
With GD and TOP. They sang Big Bang’s song “Forever With You”

– she played a role as Lee Hyori which made her to record her own Anystar version together with G-Dragon who replaced Lee Junki with his own style too.

– her unique voice was appeard in many times for her senior’s songs such as Big Bang, G-TOP, Lexy and Led Rock together with Masta Wu
– SHE REALLY LOVES TO EAT CORN (we all know that :D)

– she is the youngest among with her family, but become the oldest member in 2NΞ1

– she was revealed that she supposed to be one of the member of group that YG has created together with Goo Hye Sun and Sandara Park. (Don’t you think that Goo Hye Soon will be sooooo energetic? :p)

– She has 2 dogs. Choco and Danchoo(button)

– she did a “Lettuce Diet” to lose some weight.. (Oh bommie we love you no matter what!)

– she often recognized by people as Dia. Fans compared Bom and Dia because of  their look-alike face and powerful voice

– her personalities are shy, mysterious, and so sensitive
– she used to be a Sleep-Walker

– her ideal type is Jay-Z (omgod good choice bommie :D)

– she took  part on  GD-TOP’s song “Jibe Gajima” but it didn’t happen. And then she appears. In GD-TOP’s song “Oh Yeah”

– her nick name is “Bbang Bom” or “Bom Bread” LOL

– compared to any 2NΞ1’s members, she has the most largest (amount) fans in her own fan cafe.

Thank you, DD for making Bom Park Profile for 2NE1 Global. You’re so adorable! ^^ 

– admin

Written by: DEYEYE

  1. I love 2NE1 forever,,young bonamana


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