[ARTICLE]2NE1’s CL Tells and Jokes About Dara’s Drunken Times

2NE1’s CL Tells and Jokes About Dara’s Drunken Times

On June 6 at SBS TV Night Entertainment, CL and actor Lee Dong Wook’s CF scenes were revealed and brings attention.

When the MC asked CL what’s Lee Dong Wook’s charisma, she complimented his “Thick Double Eyelid”. Next the MC asked Lee Dong Wook his feelings with the experience with CL. He answered,”There were many dance movements so I was very worried. CL dances too good so I was thinking nervously about dance movements NG.”
Next the 2 people talked about their drunken times. Lee Dong Wook answered,” I just sleep.”

CL was asked if there is anyone in 2NE1 who gets drunk. She answered,” After I drink, I run and I sleep. There’s also a person who runs and suddenly faints.” That person is Sandara Park. After joking about Dara’s drunken times and reactions, she says,”Eeonni I’m sorry!” in a cute way






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