[REVIEW] Intel Korea Releases Be Mine!

Intel Korea has been running their latest project with 2NE1, entitled ‘Make Thumb Noise’. This program gave blackjacks the chance to co-produce a song, along side with Teddy, for 2NE1. This program also had an entertaining game, entitled ‘Tap The Beat’, that was similar to that of ‘Tap Tap Revolution’. This phenomenal program ran four rounds overall. This allowed blackjacks, from around the world, to vote for what side they liked better. This fascinating program had blackjacks swarming to the program, and Intel Korea’s page, day and night. Blackjacks voted as much as they could, and even played the game for countless entertaining hours. Eventually MTV released its voting polls for 2NE1, and blackjacks swarmed the website. However, they did not let up on Intel Korea’s program. They still swarmed the page, and left nothing but good comments.
Intel Korea released 2NE1’s title song, entitled ‘Be Mine’, on June fifth. The site had complications involving the release of the music video, and delayed the song release by about an hour. This gave blackjacks, from around the world, to set the number trend on Twitter with #2NE1BeMine. Blackjacks practically spammed Twitter, with their obsessive tweets relating to 2NE1. Some even tweeted nothing but #2NE1BeMine. This just showed how loyal, and impatient, blackjacks were getting with Intel Korea’s technical difficulties.
Intel Korea eventually released ‘Be Mine’, and it was nothing more than a major hit. Blackjacks immediately swarmed to the video, reaching well over five thousand views in less than an hour. Blackjacks weren’t hesitant to spread the word either, reaching large amounts of Twitter, Facebook, me2day, and other social networking websites in less than a minute of the songs release.
Papa YG has outdone himself, yet again. ‘Be Mine’ contains angelic vocals, from all four girls, in such a manner that relates all the way back to ‘Lonely’. The girls not only sounded angelic, but looked like angels as wells. The video contains a, for the most part, all white setting. The all white setting gives off the angelic feel, and 2NE1 fits the role of four lovely angels perfectly. This video portrays the four girls in such a beautiful way, that most of us haven’t seen before. CL, Dara, Minzy, and Bom all look stunningly gorgeous. Each giving off their own unique aurora, that draws blackjacks in striving for more. The video also contains flashbacks of recent 2NE1 history. Giving blackjacks a chance to observe 2NE1 ‘grow up’ somewhat. Intel Korea did an excellent job in advertising their product as well, cleverly placing it in every scene. While this isn’t noted as 2NE1’s official comeback, I have no doubt that this will steal the charts.
This video leaves the question; If 2NE1’s Make Thumb Noise project song could become this popular, and sound this phenomenal, what will their comeback be like? Blackjacks are becoming even more anxious, and impatient, as time slowly edges its way towards 2NE1’s comeback. Stay tuned, and keep your eyes out, for 2NE1’s official comeback teasers. (2NE1 is expected to make their comeback midway through June)

(Photo Credit Intel Korea’s Time Line)






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