[NEWS] Sandara Park and SHINee root for Park Tae Hwan and Jung Da Rae

A video of 2NE1′s Sandara Park and SHINee cheering for Park Tae Hwan and Jung Da Rae, members of the South Korean national swimming team, is getting a lot of attention.

In the video, Sandara Park appears and says hello to Park Tae Hwan. She also roots for Park saying, “Marine boy Park Tae Hwan, you are the best in and out of the water.”

Since Park Tae Hwan previously appeared on a TV show and said that his ideal woman is Sandara Park, the video has received even more attention. Sandara Park also appeared on the show and gave him a handmade swimming cap.

SHINee cheered for beautiful swimmer Jung Da Rae. Group members appear in the video and say, “You look great when you swim. I will support you as you set a new record and capture the world in summer that you have been preparing for 4 years.”

People who saw the video responded: “I hope Park Tae Hwan can win a gold medal!” “Everyone wishes you the best results.” “Cheer up, all the members of the national team!”

Source: TV Report + etudeblog
Translated by: dkrogers@en.korea




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