[ARTICLE] CL & Minzy and GD&TOP are one of the Best Subunit Groups of all time

Best Subunit Groups of All Time

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge spike in the number of subunit idol groups. The strategy is simple – you put together some of your members in a smaller unit, give them a new name, and promote as a separate group.

The subgrouping idea has proven to be effective, especially for its immediate impact on the original group’s further success. The benefits of these subgroups can perhaps best be described in three ways: a) It gives a chance to highlight some of the lesser known members; b) creates a completely different image to expand the overall fan base; and c) raises awareness of the original group by using the name value of the better known members.

In particular, after seeing Girls’ Generation finally give in to this idea and debut their first subunit TaeTiSeo last week, we thought it was worth going over the best unit groups of all time. We’re sure this list will expand by the end of the year, with more subunits expected to debut, but please take this as a tribute to the early pioneers of subunit idol groups.

Who is your favorite subunit group? Who do you want to see team up for a new group?

We always knew G-Dragon and T.O.P had their musical influences deeply rooted in hip-hop. But most of the Big Bang songs, especially the more recent ones, were far from the traditional sense of hip hop music. By teaming up these two very talented rappers, GD & T.O.P has been able to tailor their music for a more specific audience, and by doing so, reach out to the more hardcore hip hop fans as well. Diplo, the producer of GD & T.O.P’s “Knock Out,” once described the duo as “…rapper rappers.. not phony.. they have crazy flow.”

The pairing of 2NE1’s best rapper and best dancer came as a big shock to most fans because everything about the project group was kept secret until Yang Hyun Suk’s surprise announcement in late 2009 (They didn’t even film a music video in order to keep the idea secret). Although CL & Minzy promoted only one digital single, “Please Don’t Go” is still one of my favorite YG tracks and there’s no question CL & Minzy contributed to the wider success of 2NE1.





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