L’officiel Hommes Korea Magazine Interview with 2NE1 and more information about US Debut!

2NE1 has worked with Will.I.Am for a year now, and during that year they completed 10 songs. We met with 2NE1, who is planning their entrance into America.

We’d like to ask some things about producing with Will.I.Am. What was it like working with him for your American debut?
2NE1: We didn’t make 10 songs to complete a 10 song album, but we made tons of songs. Sometime pick and choose which songs we want to include, and sometimes we put old songs into new albums if they weren’t released. We are continuing to work hard on is album because we want to make it better, even if it’s just through little changes. Nothing is set in stone yet, and the results will be out when we feel it’s right.

There were probably a lot of fun moments while working wi Will.I.Am. Can you share some with us?
Minji: It was cold in Korea so he asked us how to say “cold” in Korea. We taught him how to say “choowuh choowuh” and it was fun to see him try to say it.
Sandara: Will is very interested in fashion. He always looks at our shoes and tell us they’re cute and asks where we got them. The way he says “that’s dope!” is very cute.
Bom: I was really nervous to work with will for the first time, but he kept playing around. (In the recording booth,) I would sing a tune and a different tune would be playing on the monitor. I was scared because I thought I wasn’t doing well, but it turns out Will was fooling around.
CL: Will would invite us over and cook for us. We would talk about music while eating and these memories are very fond to me. We shared our interests in James Brown and R. Kelly, so it was fun.

2NE1 has worked with amazing people in Korea, but this time the level is a bit different. What was distinctly different?
Minji: Will is crazy about music. His whole life is a path with music. I think that’s all I can say!
Sandara: The first time, I was really curious to see what it would be like to work with him. He is very famous and I really like him as an artist. I was nervous but working with him was extremely enjoyable. If he comes up with something, he writes a song right there in a blink. His ways of producing are very interesting and fun. He really is amazing,

The time of production of Will’s solo album seems to overlap with your album. Was it difficult in terms of time and distance?
2NE1: Working with Will is always fun so whenever we meet we are very happy. We didn’t have much difficulties producing together because we grow in terms of the music aspect.

2NE1 is gathering attention especially for winning the MTV Iggy Best New Band which took place in America. Is there anything you are sure to present to the American market?
2NE1: We plan on doing what we always do by having fun on stage freely. Rather than showing something special, we want to have fun on stage and interact with the audience.
Sandara: We didn’t have much experience with promoting overseas, so it was a new feeling. But with the IGGY performance in Times Square, I felt so good! I felt passion coming out of my body.

YG Entertainment seems to focus on iTunes, YouTube, and concerts rather than fixated promotions, but does this mean you try to look are reactions of people?
Sandara: I can’t really say anything for sure, but I do want to show more active promotions in Korea.
Minji: I personally think it is important to keep an Internet based communication.

WIll.I.Am’s upcoming concert seems to have Britney and Justin Bieber. Can we also see 2NE1?
2NE1: That will happen someday right? We think 2NE1 is like an iguana that always changes because we are so unique. It would be such an honor and we would be really happy. I think not just us, but other Korean artists will all reach a day when we can spread around the world.

Your Japanese album release on 3/28 is coming up. People are looking forward to your US album, are there plans to release it soon?
2NE1: We haven’t decided anything for sure yet. But we want to wait until we have material that can match the expectations. We want to look at America more before we debut.

The stage with Will at MAMA was really amazing. I bet CL practiced a lot. Was it difficult?
2NE1: We are very proud of CL for putting on such a good stage even though she didn’t have much time to practice. In the artist seats, the three of us were very excited, riding the rhythm, and enjoying the performance it was like we were all performing together.


Source: 빅핑크 님 via 내민지 @ DC2NE1 Gallery

Translated by: kristinekwak @WeLoveBom




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