2NE1 Delivers Happy Blessings for Hearing-Impaired Children

2NE1 lit up the faces of hearing-impaired children with smiles by coming in to lend them a warm helping hand.2NE1 visited the donation event held on January 18 at the Severance Hospital to help hearing-impaired children. The members came in to personally deliver the donations and meet with the children to show their support.


Their support wasn’t just limited to those with hearing impairments, as they also gave out presents and held a signing event for the children and families staying in the children’s ward.The members first visited individual rooms to wish the children good health, and then held a signing event which started with a loud, “Happy New Year!”The day was actually member Gong Minzy′s birthday , who said, “I’m happy to be here with you on my birthday,” while leader CL said, “I’m thankful that we’ve earned this chance to help. I want to continue helping in the future.”The hearing-impaired children must use hearing aids and be monitored for three months in order to decide whether it’s possible for them to have cochlear implants. In the case of those from families with small incomes, however, they usually miss the opportunity to be treated because it’s difficult for them to purchase hearing aids. 2NE1 donated 20 million won which will be used to purchase hearing aids for these families.The day’s event was the first event of the 2011 agreement between YG Entertainment and Severance Hospital. YG Entertainment has been donating part of its profits to those in need through its campaign WITH, which has been taking place since 2009.







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