2NE1 mentioned by PUC Chronicle’s K-pop splashes into the west

There is a giant wave of entertainment growing in the far east country of South Korea, and it is getting ready to wash over the entire west this upcoming year. Korean pop music, mostly referred to as K-pop, is all the rage in South Korea, and has been steadily on the incline for the past 13 years. After an enormous success in multiple Asian countries such as Singapore, China, Vietnam and even Japan, this wave of K-pop has decided to finally reach out west. Three girl groups in South Korea are at the forefront of this movement thus far, and are poised to make multiple splashes throughout the year.

Similar to American music in the mid-90s, K-pop is filled with plenty of boy and girl groups. K-pop songs are filled with synthesizers, electric bass and catchy beats. Most of the music is either dance or “synthpop,” but hip-hop and rap are also starting to take over the charts in South Korea. Along with their fast beats are tons of other entertainment values such as powerful voices, extremely talented dancing, and they do not look too shabby either.


From the old to the new, this hip-hop rookie group has made a huge name for themselves in the past two years; they go by the name of 2NE1.  Destiny’s Child meets South Korea is the best way to explain the fierce presence that this girl group radiates. Although they only began performing together in 2009, they are quickly being spotted by American eyes. The Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am has taken huge interest and has recorded 10 songs with 2NE1. Last year, 2NE1 rocked it out with their hit single “I Am the Best” which holds the second most views for a K-pop song on YouTube in 2011. The dynamic quartet is led by feisty CL (21) who also has a fierce tongue that allows her to be the main rapper. Park Bom (27) is the powerhouse main vocalist of this group. Sandara (27) is the quirky vocalist and does most of the promoting and modeling, and Minzy (17) is quick on her feet which makes her the main dancer. With growing anticipation, will.i.am recently tweeted, “This [2NE1] is coming out crazy…” making fans excited for their plans this year.

With videos topping over 62 million views on YouTube, the Internet has played a huge role in the popularity increase that has surrounded these three groups and various others debuting and rising in South Korea.  They have started to become noticed by magazines, websites and celebrities such as blogger Perez Hilton, “Vampire Diaries” actresses Nina Dobrev, SPIN Magazine and MTV Style. Their impact has even caused Billboard to make a K-pop list and YouTube to put a K-pop option in the music category. So, strap that bathing suit up tight, these groups will certainly be making a splash in 2012.

SOURCE pucchronicle




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