We Blackjacks are in a tight spot with Season 3 episode 15 announcing that 2NE1 will no longer have more seasons.

We know sometimes the girls are tired and we want them to be well rested and healthy. We love when they are, so we have a bit of a problem.

2NE1 are based on their music. They do appearances but are not in the spot light as much as other idol groups. This means there is a risk of them not being seen as much as they used to be, and it could effect the sales of the group which we don’t want. If they’re not seen as much that means they would have to increase their appearances and that’s more work for them.

Also 2NE1 gets more popular with everyday that passes. 2NE1 TV is an easy way for them to keep up appearances without the extra work, because the cameras are there during their daily lives. They don’t really have to go out of their way to be on camera.

Its also a way for VIPs to see BIGBANG!

We understand that the new groups will come out in 2012 but we do not want to give up seeing 2NE1.

YG Stans, Blackjacks, Vips work so hard to keep YG Ent on top.

Mnet or YG Entertainment, please reconsider and keep 2NE1 going. If you support our cause please sign! Blackjacks please fight for another season of 2NE1 TV!

*Ignore the request of donations from ipetitions. Your signature will be added when you press the button. If it comes up you can just X off and your signature still counts. Signing is free. No cost needed.*

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