Park Bom – BoA: Tigerprint vs Zebra? ”Two Animal Prints Most Used As Fashion”

K-Pop Frenzy. BoA & 2NE1′s Park Bom chosen a different animal print. ”Tiger Print & Zebra!’

Tiger Print & Zebra are the two animal prints used countless times and is infinitely loved. Either because its an item you can not afford to miss.

Tiger Print & Zebra, two different analyses of the animal print, styled on the two artists.

BoA’s Choice! Tiger Print jacket with minimal variations~

BoA wore a tiger print jacket on her gorgeous black dress giving off a mature feel.  The tigerprint pattern is normally worn on something not so busy, meaning a dress or whatever without alot of patterns, simply just one simple pattern. Simple genetically altered, the jacket had a pointer which was the zipper details giving of a stylish feel on the black colored dress that was matched perfectly giving a femine look. On top of that the make-up was done simply with a pink/beige-ish lip color giving off a lovely, gorgeous feeling.

Bom’s Choice! Zebra printed jumper with an unique sort of sense~

Park Bom of 2NE1 wore a a unique piece of world-famous designer Jeremy Scott his Adidas cllaboration. Bom wore the yellow colored jumper with black zebra print, patterned on the jumper-suit catching everyone’s attention. Her red wined hair color and yellow/orange-ish goggles/sunglasses were perfectly accessorized. It wasn’t styled much, nor less wich was the best option. The tigerprint and zebra print was styled perfectly on the girls, regardless of the print they both gave off an unique appeal. Both BoA and Bom‘s styled outfits are perfectly for an active party or club.

If you see BoA and Park Bom’s styling with animal print, you’ll be able to refine it.






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