Ga-In vs Park Bom; Make-Up Look Winner? “To Choose a Winner is Difficult~”

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In and 2NE1‘s Park Bom became a hot topic cause of their eyes with thick make-up.

Since the days of Ga-In and Bom’s debut they attracted intense attention cause of their heavy eye-makeup. The eye-make up, thick eyeliner completed the two girls their look giving a special force kind of feel.  The difference of the drastic thick eye-liner and make-up clear face was even, as they both gave of a similar feel.


Recently Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park), Sohee & Ga-In became a hot buzz cause of their make-up. Ga-In is one of them that introduced the most intense eye-makeup ever and is always the concentration of netizens. The liner is slightly drawn with a tail sliglty on the end of the eyes giving a sexy cat-look. In addition the long stunning eyelashes complete the whole look, showing of the fascinating eyes. In the recent years, there’s no boundary of the eyeshadow or eyeliner as it’s always thick with a vivid color, demonstrating a strong charismatic look.

On the other hand, unlike Ga-In, Park Bom‘s gives a different vibe with her thick black eyeliner and dark eyelashes that enrich the the total look. Bom’s eyes are usually filled with eye-shadow followed by a thick eyeliner which is drawn above the eyelashes near the crease line. In addition to this, long lushios eyelashes are added making her eyes look bigger and giving off a doll-like look.

But Ga-In and Park Bom without make-up, is a total different image then the usual charismatic image. Without make-up they both transformed into cute innocent girls, reversing the charismatic look which is quite eye-catching. Others that remove the thick-eyeliner also give off a look with a gently, innocent cute appearance with a pure charm.

Meanwhile netizens commented with ”Ga-In and Park Bom have the best eye-makeup!” ”The make-up is too intense and pretty, but it’s burdensome” ”They both give off a innocent charm without the thick make-up” ”Do they sometimes fall asleep with the thick eye-makeup?” ”Non-celebs shouldn’t do this thick, but entertainers I guess should” showing a variety of comments.






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