Sandara Park, Singapore Swimming Pool Confirmation Shot, “A Photoshoot?!”


Girl group 2NE1′s Sandara Park reveals pictures of herself in Singapore, showing off certification shots at the pool!

On her first me2day update, Sandara Park said, “Arrived in Korea! Earlier, I went to the swimming pool to try and find Mingkki but ended up just taking pictures! I didn’t bring any bright-colored summer clothes in Singapore, and I really wanted to look cool, so I got my hoodie and snipped off the arms to hastily make an outfit! But even though I was wearing that, my sweat was still going *drip drip* ~ But.. Now, it’s cold again,” uploading a picture with the text.

This was followed by, “2NE1~! Although I wasn’t able to go swimming, I’m trying to get a suntan at the last minute, enjoying our stay here during our free time! Yesterday’s MAMA ceremony was so hot! To all the Singapore fans who cheered us on, you are the best! I think everything was more exciting because of it! I’d really want to have a concert in Singapore next year,” giving a brief look into what they were doing in Singapore.

In the picture, Sandara is seen with her apple hair, giving her a cute, sporty, youthfull look. In her white sleeveless t-shirt with a white sleeveless hoodie over it, paired with pink plaid pants, she showed off an atmosphere of a person who looked like she was having so much fun, as she showed pictures with different poses. Her bright look gave off a relaxed atmosphere that you get delighted just by looking at her. Her slim legs were specially noticeable. Her beauty gave off the confirmation that Sandara Park is a true natural beauty.

Netizens who saw the pictures said, “You are too thin now, please eat a lot,” “Dara, Dara, bright Dara!” “You look really happy,” “Really cute with your apple hairstyle,” “You seem to be aging backwards!” “Your background looks really war,” “Your legs are really thin now,” “Seeing the pictures, I now want to visit Singapore.” “Your MAMA stage was so cool. I am so impressed with you guys,” “Your holiday seems to be enjoyable!” “Your small face is impossibly small!” “I can’t live a day without Sandara Park’s me2day,” “I saw your MAMA stage, Sandara Park seems so different from the one I saw on the show,” “Dara unnie is too thin,” “I want to go swimming!” showing their hot reactions.






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