Sandara Park, Intense Red Sports Training Outfit Fashion, “Perfect Hip-Hop Pose!”


Girl group 2NE1′s Sandara Park reveals her red sports training outfit fashion.

Sandara Park updated her me2day on the evening of the 1st with, “Now at Gymnastics Stadium! It’s really great ~ Lucky people! Now watching seven sunbae’s rehearsal.. Wow.. This is going to be a wonderful live concert! Even more if you’re right in front! Really..! I’m not supposed to spoil it.. So it’s until here only! Please endure your curiosity for two more days!” uploading a picture with the text.

On the photo published, Sandara Park along with member, Park Bom, seem to be posing in naturally in a dance position. The photo showed Sandara Park in a cute pose, wearing a red training sweatshirt. Bom, who was wearing a jacket with thick padding, along with a fluffy hat and black training sweatshirt, showed off a happy appearance. The girls showed off an excited aura of people in the audience as Sandara Park and Park Bom showed the photo two days before the “15th Anniversary YG Family Concert,” with rehearsals in full swing.

In particular, Sandara Park, who was wearing an intensely red training sweatshirt, was eye-catching. On the other hand, Park Bom who was wearing a cute ski fashion, showed off her swagger.

Netizens who saw Sandara and Bom’s picture, commented with, “You look really good in red,” “I can’t wait for the peformances,” “Ultimate fashionistas!” “You’re watching Se7en sunbae?” “Can’t wait for YG family concert!” “Both of you are so cute! Even if you wear sports wear, you still look perfect!” showing varied responses.






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