Me2Days: Dara is Back in Cold Korea but Updates About Hot Singapore

Because Dara wasn’t able to bring any summer clothes, she cut off the sleeves of her presumably Chrome Hearts hoodie. Yup! Our darling Dara is boss that way! ❤

한국도착!^_^ 아까 밍끼 찾으러 올라간 수영장에서 내 사진만 찍고왔네요!ㅋㅋ싱가폴 한여름이라고 시원해보이게 밝은색 옷 위주로 가져갔는데 생각보다 넘 더워서 후드티의 팔을 잘라버리고 급조한 의상!!!ㅋ나시를 입었는데도 땀이 송글송글~맺히더라구요!근데..지금 넘 추워요ㅠ

Arrived in Korea! ^_^ Earlier, I went to the swimming pool to try and find Mingkki but ended up just taking pictures! Ke ke I didn’t bring any bright-colored summer clothes in Singapore, and I really wanted to look cool (T/N: Cool as in, not hot and all suffocated, what with the weather and everything), so I got my hoodie and snipped off the arms to hastily make an outfit!!! Ke But even though I was wearing that, my sweat was still going *drip drip* ~ I needed to wear something cooler! But.. Now, it’s cold again ㅠ

투애니원~!^0^ㅋㅋ 비록 수영은 못하고 왔지만 선탠하는척도 해보고 나름 막바지 자유시간을 즐겁게 보내구 왔어용! 어제 마마 시상식에서 뜨겁게! 응원해준 싱가폴팬분들 ~ 췌일잘나가아~!+.+ 덕분에 더 신나서 잘논거같아요! 다음엔 싱가폴에서도 콘서트해보고싶어요!^.^

Tags: 싱가폴 랙잭이들 고마워용! 다음에 또 봐요~! ^.^

2NE1~! ^0^ Ke ke Although I wasn’t able to go swimming, I’m trying to get a suntan at the last minute, enjoying our stay here during our free time! Yesterday’s MAMA ceremony was so hot! To all the Singapore fans who cheered us on ~ you are the best~! +.+ I think everything was more exciting because of it! I’d really want to have a concert in Singapore next year! ^.^

Tags: Singapore Blackjacks, thank you! See you next time~! ^.^





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