Me2Day: Dara Kisses 2NE1′s MAMA Trophy


아이고오..^^;;;피곤해서 쩔었네요!ㅋ하루종일 이것저것 하느라 지금 얼굴상태로 사진찍기 창피하지만ㅠ고마움을 전하고싶어서 합니다!오늘은 정말 우리 넷다 축제에온거마냥 신나게!즐겼어요!반가운 윌오빠도 보구+.+무대의 즐거움을 또 한번 느낀날이었어요!투애니원 놀자!^0^

Tags: 베스트 보컬상 + 올해의 노래상! 감사합니다! (__) 내가제일잘나가! 블랙잭 제일잘나가! 쪼옥~!

Aigoo.. ^^;;; I’m so exhausted! Ke Though pictures were taken of us the whole day long, right now my face is a bit embarrassing ㅠ But I must, because I want to say something! Today, we came to the festival, and everything was just so exciting and fun! I enjoyed it a lot! It was good to see Will-oppa again +.+ That happy feeling in the joy of being on stage again! 2NE1, nolja! ^0^

Tags: Best Vocal Performance Award + Song Of The Year Award! Thank you! (__) Naega Jeil Jal Na Ga (T/N: I am the best chorus)! Blackjacks are the best! Mwah~!

Update #2:

싱가폴에서의 마지막밤..너무너무 피곤한데..잠못이루고있어요!정신없이 바쁘다가 방안에 들어왔을때 허전한 느낌이랄까..가끔 그런게있어용!히히 나 오늘 좀 오글거릴게요!ㅋ매번 느끼는거지만 울 멤버들을 만난건 정말 행운이에요!+.+울 랙잭이들 만난것두^_^굿밤!뾰옹~!휘리릭!

The last night in Singapore.. I am so so exhausted.. Trying to sleep! But sometimes, I get so busy and worn out that when I go into my room, I feel so empty all of the sudden… There’s that feeling sometimes, right! He he Today I was feeling a bit sentimental! Ke Although everytime I feel like this, I am always fortunate that the members are there! +.+ Good that our Blackjacks are there too ^_^ Good night! Ppyoong~ *sniff sniff*!






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  1. Love Dara she’s so cute.

    Admins thanks for all your work. Amazing job! Go! Go! Go! ~ CL’s most famous phrase. 😛

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