CL in ELLE magazine


My charity work.
My uncle really loved babies so I went to visit the Holt Children’s Services* together with him where we personally helped the children.
* They provide child services, family welfare, youth welfare, community social welfare services, cultural education, support services, etc.

Recent 2NE1 news.
We’ve been doing activities in Japan for a while. In December, it seems we’ll be busy going back and forth between Korea and Japan for award ceremonies.

Things you’ve been interested in lately.
I’ve been completely enjoying my hobbies by learning to cook and drawing pictures. Even if we end early in the morning, I’ll go home and draw to relieve my stress.

If there was a week-long break starting tomorrow.
I’d just leave. To some place I don’t know. Africa is good, Northern Europe is good, just somewhere with nature where I can clearly see the light of day.

Things you always take with you when commuting.
I actually don’t like commuting while carrying a bag. Also, without a cellphone, commuting time seems longer as it’s so convenient. These days, having either an iPhone or an iPad is sufficient. You can listen to music and use email.

I want to find a way to light up the front of my name. Just CL. Even without lighting it up, since I’m famous, it’d be good if I could say it all as CL.

The white stitched one piece that shows her sexy lines is 2,300,000 won (approx. $1970USD) from FENDI. All accessories are from the stylist’s collection.






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