[DARA FACTS] Get to know more about our DARA!

                                                          SANDARA PARK

1. she is born in Busan, South-Korea

2. born on 12 november 1984

3. in 1995 she moved to the Philippines because her dad has work

4. in the Philippines she participated in a talent survival show Star Circle Quest

5. became famous there and released an album who has 2x platinum in the Philippines [called : sandara ] [means in 6 months selled more copies than 60.000]

6. 1 august 2007 she returned back to Korea with her mom and her brother (Thunder of MBLAQ)

7. YG came to know her thanks her documentary about her in the Philippines ‘my name is sandara park’ what was on KBS in 2004

8. she gave workshops in Korea [before debut]

9. 2 august 2007 she signed the contract with YG

10. she played in the return of lljimae as rie

11. she came in the MV of gummy’s ‘I’m Sorry’ together with T.O.P

12. The kiss they had was just a camera trick

13. she was featured in the mv of Taeyang ‘i need a girl’

14. She used to be an actress and student at the same time.

15. she is awesome in math and physics

16. her younger brother Park Sang Hyun is Thunder of MBLAQ

17. she trained 3 years before debuting in 2NE1

18. She can speak Korean, English, Filipino and Japanese

19. She got popular because of her hair style too, the palm tree hair and apple hair style and many more [http://letsplay2ne1.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/article-100-things-you-need-to-know-about-2ne1/#more-32685 ]

20. she is 1.62 metres -> 5.31 feet

21. she cited Uhm Jung-Hwa, as the one she looks up to because of her beauty, sexiness and cuteness al rolled into one [let’s play 2NE1]

22. Kim ji eun was her vocal trainer [let’s play 2NE1]

23. Dara is voted by the other embers to be the best in variety shows [let’s play 2NE1]

24. She likes to wear jeans and T-shirts, but wear them the most when she home

25. She was the first member to release a solo song [ Kiss [ft CL]

26. She is a big fan of Lee Hyori [let’s play 2NE1]

27. she is a mmember of Lee Hyori Fancafe

28. She is afriad of dogs and big animals

29. She is the most scared for GD his dog gaho [let’s play 2NE1]

30. she has a birthmark on her right leg , she always covered it with socks or leggings [let’s play 2NE1]

31. She is the me2day queen

32. she is the only one who eats ramen

33. Dara always text people , because when she calls she thinks its akward

34. she likes to steal others mobile and put her photo as their background

35. she delete the numbers who’s not texting back to her , once she did with a 2ne1 member

36. she is scared of planes once bommie told her the plane is broken and she was scared and shaking so much

37. her star ring is scorpio [http://yeinjee.com/star/2ne1-members-profile/ & http://www.squidoo.com/sandara%5D

38. her blood type is A [http://yeinjee.com/star/2ne1-members-profile/ & http://www.squidoo.com/sandara%5D

39. she has adopted tamtam from CL

40. her weight is 40kg [http://yeinjee.com/star/2ne1-members-profile/ & http://www.squidoo.com/sandara%5D

41. her Nickname: Sandy, Dara, Kiray, Krung-krung [http://yeinjee.com/star/2ne1-members-profile/ & http://www.squidoo.com/sandara%5D

42. she likes to wear street clothes

43. she somthimes take care of the kitten of her brother [name is -> dadoong ]

44. in the video of kiss she kissed Lee Min Hoo

45. She has a special ‘Not Ugly’ campaign during the filming and promotions of their song ‘UGLY’

46. Dara amd WILL.Iam of Black Eyed Pease have the same 1 pair of shoes

47. She is the official Communications Director of 2NE1

48. She has some make up Cf’s by Etude House [A make up brand]

49. She was featured in the song ‘hello’ from GD his heartbreaker album

50. from 2004 till 2006 she worked by ‘STAR RECORDS’ in the Philippines

If we will found new facts about Dara, we will update this article, so stay tune! 😀






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