[NEWS] Go Ara, HyunA & Park Bom 女 Star Face-off ‘Either Humiliating or Goddess’

On the 22nd, Park Bom updated her Me2Day with the caption ”Good bam~~~ I now washed up to sleep~~ (^-^)/ But… I’m hungry… ㅠㅠ I have to sleep soon… ㅠㅠ Good bam for real~~ zzzZZ” with a gorgeous bare faced selca drawing attention of everyone who saw it who we’re super proud. In the picture Bom had her head over one side and a clean, boasted skin.

On the other hand, actress Go Ara also shared a bare faced selca with the caution ”It’s the first time I’m revealing myself like this, so embaressing. Put up good lotions, and its alright!” with a small smile making everyone envious of her flawless skin.

HyunA also tweeted a bare face picture few days ago grabbing everyone’s attention as she was seen posing with a cute expression and an exposed shoulder. Along with the colorfull t-shirt, HyunA demonstrated good looks and an innocent appearance and a beautiful skin.

Netizens grew envious and commented with things like ”Bom seems to be more beautiful behind the dark-eye make-up” ”HyunA unnie so innocent while on stage she’s so sexy!” ”Go Ara is really pretty bare faced” showing a variety of reactions.

Source: enews24 via Nate


Thumbnail credit: Jeremy.lee




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  1. hyuna & go ara looks really different when bare faced but BOM looks just the same !! hahaha

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