Jinusean, 2NE1’s Dara, and Yoo Inna attend YG Entertainment’s listing ceremony

After all the controversies causing them to rethink their plans to proceed with their listing, YG Entertainment proceeded with their KOSDAQ listing on November 23rd. Aside from that, YG Entertainment selected Jinusean, 2NE1’s Dara, and actress Yoo Inna to join the ceremony.

Joining the official listing in the stock market, YG Entertainment sent some of their artists to represent them in the solemn ceremony called the “Public Listing Festival.” They joined a signing event which was held on November 23rd at 09:00 AM (KST).

A stock exchange official also pitched in his thoughts on the event by saying, “Even though it’s not part of the stock exchange market event, it was a separate request that YG Entertainment’s artists decided to join in. The entertainers belonging to the company will also be doing their public relations campaign.”

YG Entertainment was founded in March, 1996 and is currently one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea. The largest shares belongs to its founder, Yang Hyunsuk with (35.8%) while the rest belong to shareholders outside the company.

Credit for image, translation, news: Money today, Ohdara, koreaboo




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