[CL FACTS] Get to know more about our CL!

Hello wassup BLACKJACKs!!! 😀 Kekeke how ya doin today?! Looking for something to read?! Well let’s take a look at this article I wrote just for my coolest BJs friends!! 🙂 since I was shared about Park Bom’s facts.. I will now share about the other members you love to know.. Let’s get start it!

We can’t deny how adorable and talented ChaeRin a.k.a CL is. She is known as the baddest female rapper right?! ( Well for me I think she the nicest female rapper kekeke~~ )

So this are some facts about CL :


– Full Name: Lee Chae Rin

– Stage Name: CL

– English Name: Chae Lee / Faith Lee

– Position in 2NΞ1 : Leader / Rapper / Vocal

– Birth Date : February 26, 1991

– Height : 162cm (5′ 4″)

– Blood Type : A

– Religion : Catholic

– Hobbies : Coloring, Drawing, Writing Lyrics

– Favorite Colors : Black, White

– Ever since she was a kid, CL has been traveled to so many places because of her father’s job as a Professor of Physics ( no wonder she is so smart. like father like daughter 😀 )

– Professor of Physics is not only CL father’s job. Professor Lee Ki Jin (CL father’s name) is also an author of children book’s story.

– CL speaks in French, English, Korean and Japan. (Woah can you be our teacher for a day, Ms. CaeRin?? Kekeke~~)

– She used to be a JYP trainee and was shared a room with Wonder Girl’s So Hee. She’s really close with Ye Eun and So Hee. ( We know that CL, Ye Eun and So Hee are really amazing. Glad to know that they’re actually friends 🙂 )

– She became a YG trainee in 2006 after she brought her own demo tape to YGE. She was actually to debut as a SOLO singer but then became the Leader of 2NΞ1. ( This is something you called: “A Destiny” 😀 )

– She appeard in Big Bang’s song “Intro (Hot Issue)” but unfortunately her name didn’t even credit in that song.. ( Only thing we know, you don’t have to read her name to be written. As soon as you hear she sings, you gotta say “Aaaah our CL!” Right?? Kekeke~~ )

– Her dreams is about to become an American Rapper just like rapper Lil Kim. ( We hope her dreams will be come true sooner or later! We love CL!! 🙂 )

– In the radio interview, CL once told about she was wearing a uniform that actually for the boys!! ( OMO what happened?? Aaaaa cute! ) Keke~ don’t worry blackjacks, she did it just because her school doesn’t have pants for the girls.. ( Hmmm is a girl supposed to wearing a skirt?! No. CL is the only exception! :p )

– Her nickname in Japan is “Pig Rabbit”. ( Maybe because she is too cute so it was so hard to choose between a pig or rabbit. That animals is cute right? Keke~ )

– CL-roo is created to many slang words such as “Ahh Go Go Go!!!” And “oh My Gawdddd!!!” She often say it in 2NE1tv..

– She is a mother of Tam-Tam but Tam-Tam was adopted by Dara..

– She doesn’t know how to use a computer. But she knows how to use iTunes and knows how to search Teddy’s pictures on the internet.

– CL is a ‘Clean Freak’. She takes a responsibility in cleaning and organizing the whole and entire 2NΞ1’s dorm.. ( She’ll be a cool Mom and Wife 😀 )

– She is a translator between a local dancers and foreign dancers. She learnt a Hip-Hop dance from them.

– She could do another dances. Such as Jazz, and Ballet.

– She raised as a Roman Catholic

– If she had a chance, she’d like to live in Egypt, Africa and Greece.

– She is a Sleepy-Head. She ever did a ’20 hours of sleep’. ( She must be sooooo tired back then :p )

– She never cry in front of 2NΞ1’s members.. ( Our strong leader!! 😀 )

– She gave Teddy one of the Robot in 2NΞ1’s Can’t Nobody MV to put it in his room.

– She likes Americano (kind of Coffee)

– She wrote the Rap-Line in G-Dragon’s song “The Leaders” ( It’s leaders swagg BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 )

Well I think that’s all I can give to you 🙂 Dara and Minzy fans……….. Just wait for my next article about your favorite!! See yaaaa later 😀


Thumbnail Photo: jeremy.lee

-Sources: http://ichaichez.blogspot.com/2011/11/100-fakta-2ne1.html




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  1. wow!! this really interesting!! love it
    CL really great!!
    the only one badass female!! hahaha

  2. thank you for the article! i would gladly let her stay in my house in Greece! haha

  3. I really really like her..
    she is multitalent girl
    she have anything…

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