Park Bom’s YG Family Concert Promotions Catches Everyone’s Eye Creating A Huge Buzz!

2NE1′s main vocalist Park Bom hyped up the news for the YG Family Concert 2011 by breaking the news to the fans.

On the 31st October , Bom updated her me2day with a photo of all the YG Artists their names. Along the picture she wrote ”Alright~~~~~~!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) This just got released~~~ Have you seen it?? o(^▽^)o If you’ve seen it~~~(´-`).。oO (Look carefully alright~~!!!… I’ve also promised before……….Navel…A T-shirt showing the navel?? Waist…Waist…Waist?? ㅠㅠ…..) Keke~ Fighting!!” creating a huge buzz online. The photo attached to it was a promo to the upcoming YG Family Concert wich also marks YG Entertainment’s 15th Anniversary.

In particular, netizens caught labelmate G-Dragon’s and Daesung’s name who have been on a sort of hiatus from the music scene and instantly it became a buzz as this was going to be marked as Daesung’s comeback after the accident, and G-Dragon’s after a small incident.

Netizens commented with ”Im excited to see you wear a T-Shirt showing the navel!” ”Hwaiting Park Bom Unnie, you can do it!” ”Daesung’s finally making a comeback!” ”YG surely will hit the jackpot!” gaining alot of interest from everyone.





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