How would you compare the rapping skills of CL to Yoon Mirae AKA Tasha?

Frankly speaking, among the rappers, CL is one with superior skills. The fact is, when speaking of rap music, producing is a core aspect so you can’t just have rapping skills by itself. And from this, it is argued that you have rapping ability only when you can create proper phrases while flowing with a given rhythm. So, when you look at just ‘rapping ability’, CL is a rapper that is clearly skilled.

Yoon Mirae is the unsurpassed figure in the female rapping scene and there is no doubt that the majority of female rappers are compared to Yoon Mirae but in the end, it is concluded that Yoon Mirae is like a legendary miracle icon. Since Yoon Mirae is this sort of figure, comparisons to her seem to be a childish act. With singing ability being different, the nature of her rapping being replaced by a different individual is something that still isn’t known. But somehow, if you’re talking about finding someone with that kind of comparative standing, we have found that CL is similar to Yoon Mirae’s level with our careful and reasonable evaluation on rappers of equal class (to Yoon Mirae).

We have already seen many (of CL’s) live stages and we feel that we have truly seen the strong image of female hiphop has she has adjusted herself too. Simply put, she’s not only similar to Yoon Mirae but has instances where her pure flow can be compared to the likes of Nicki Minaj. There is no way that you cannot see that she is a rapper with natural rapping ability whom has a huge presence with her diverse talents.

However, since she is a member of the group 2NE1, there is an ambiguous boundary placed upon her so there is no choice but to put a question mark next to the questions that are being left behind from talks in regards to the possible level of her rap making ability. Also, her abilities in making hiphop have not yet been shown which means that a full evaluation on CL herself is not yet possible. In other words, she is in a completely different standpoint to someone like G-DRAGON who has already shown his creativity in huge amounts with the release of his solo album. Of course, when looking at rap itself, the rappers currently affiliated with the YG Movement greatly deserve being called top class.

This is a live video of “The Leaders” which is included in G-DRAGON’s 1st album.
Even though she is rapping together with two male rappers, she takes the lead naturally without showing any signs of losing to them.
Truly, she is an uprising rapper who is most noticeable when she’s onstage.





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