Dara is Shivering… Shivering… But is Still Energized Because of All The Love From and For The Fans

오랜만에 온 한국!악!추워ㅋ춥네!ㅠ후덜덜~ 난 다시 슬슬 꽁꽁패션으로~! 이렇게 바쁘게 해외스케줄 다니고 피곤할때 우릴 웃게만들어주는건 팬분들의 사랑과 신나는 무대에요!+.+ 알죠?!? 으히히.. 닭살멘트인가?ㅋ 으잇! 난 그럼 팸콘 연습하러~휘리릭!^_^;;;뿅!!!

In Korea after a long time! Ack! It’s cold Ke It’s freezing! ㅠ Shivering, shivering~ And I’m going back to my freezing fashion~! Though we are so busy with our international schedules, and we may get a bit tired, but with all the love from and for the fans, we will make sure to prepare an exciting stage!+.+ You know that right?!? Hihi.. Is this a sappy moment? Ke Whoosh! I need to go to FamCon practice~ fast! ^_^;;;Ppyong!!!

Credit: Dara’s Me2Day




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